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Canon Vixia HF R6xx,7xx,8xx for fireworks


Hello All,

    I am looking at purchasing one of the vixix HF r6,7,8 series camcorder to video firwork displays. I'm hoping somebody here can offer some advice.

1) I am a Pyrotechnician and will be shooting the fireworks display, so I will be much closer to the fireworks than, say, one would be a a city park. Within 200-300 feet.

2) The camera will be on a tripod and stationary


Can anyone tell me how good the fireworks mode on these series of vixia's are?

Anyone had any experience shooting video of fireworks with these? Got any utube links?

How much difference is there between the models?

if the firworks scene mode isn't that good, can the camera be set to manual focus, manual exposure? Once again, for my application, the camera will be at a fixed distance from the display.


Thanks in Advance,

- George


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