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Canon G60 camcorder firmware update - Questions


I noticed there is a firmware update on the Canon G60 camcorder, per link here:



Has anyone tried updating their Canon G60 camcorder with the update yet? Any problems experienced after installing?

Is the update worthwhile?


By the way, I've been using my G60 camcorder as my camera of choice for filming YouTube videos for the past few months. So much better than using my Canon 90D and M50 for filming.


Here's my latest tutorial video filmed with the Canon G60 if anyone is interested, see link below. I specialize in making content on audio gear & podcasting, plus photography.







Rising Star

I'm also wondering if any HF-60 (or XA50/55) owners have updated to the latest firmware and checked out the new 'Custom Picture' feature, which includes Canon Log3 gamma. I'm particularly interested to know about noise levels when shooting in CLog3; do these camcorders really have the 'dynamic range' (exposure latitude) for it ?


The XF400/405 also get this feature with the latest firmware update. The HF-G50 gets a limited 'CP' feature set i.e. options to customize the 'Standard' (BT.709) picture profile, but does not get CLog3 and the EOS Std and Production Camera color matrices. 


Clearly in adding this 'pro' feature (inherited from the Canon EOS cinema cameras and earlier XF300/305 models) Canon hope to extend the appeal to independant film/documentary makers who want more than out-of-the box 'looks' and greater latitude for stylized grading in-post. 


Checking out the updated on-line user manuals though, I'm disappointed to find that Canon haven't seen fit to incorporate an in-camera 'videoscope' (waveform/parade), on any of the above models, to support this feature. They include a 'View Assistance' option when shooting in Clog3 that displays on the screen an 'approximation' of what the image would look like with Wide DR (BT.709) settings, but for tuning of custom picture settings, you really need scopes. Presumably they expect that people will use external monitors with videoscopes, or review test images in editing/grading software when creating custom picture profiles.


It's also of note that the GX10 doesn't get any firmware update, which I guess signals that Canon are phasing it out.


I've been eyeing the HF-G60 as a worthy upgrade to my HF-G40 for some time now. I nearly sprang for a GX10 when B&H were offering refurbished units for less than the HF-G60 earlier in the year. Glad I didn't now. This new 'Custom Picture' feature definitely sweetens the pot but I'd need to be convinced it is a viable option for shooting log.


Also worth mentioning that firmware brings improved auto-focus when zooming, on all models. Again, it would be nice to see that demonstrated in controlled tests. .



These two Canon USA tutorials from 2016 about 'Custom Picture' options on the EOS C300 Cinema Camera might be helpful in understanding what the different custom settings do - the same principles apply:






Firmware Version incorporates the following enhancement: 
1. Adds [Custom Picture] modes that enables detailed image settings. 
2. Adds [EOS Standard] and [Production Camera] color matrix presets to custom picture modes. 
3. Expand assignable features to assign buttons. 
4. Improves autofocus accuracy when zooming. 


Above is what is included in the Firmware update.


I have updated my firmware and everything appears to be working. 


I noted there is now a focus symbol to the left of the where the "AF" / "MF" normally appeared.  In AF mode I was able to select the focus point witrhin the image by touching the screen.  Not sure if it was there before and I did not have the function enabled. 

@terrygallant wrote:

1. Adds [Custom Picture] modes that enables detailed image settings. 
2. Adds [EOS Standard] and [Production Camera] color matrix presets to custom picture modes. 

Just read the updated manual for details:


 'Custom Picture Settings' - pages 86 - 92



So, confirmed, the HF-G60 does indeed get the CLog3 gamma preset: