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Assistance with Canon ZR850...cassettes not playing


Using a Canon ZR850, trying to convert minidv cassettes to my computer (MP4 format). When I insert a cassette, the screen makes a loud beep, says REMOVE THE CASSETTE.  A small red arrow flashes in the top right corner above the tape time, and a red cassette with line through it flashes in the lower left corner.  I re-inserted the cassette numerous times...Same result.  Why won't the cassettes even play?  



When were the cassettes last played? If they've been sitting for years, that could lead to issues.   Could also be the equipment if it's been sitting for a long time without use.


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yes to both questions.  years.  




What Ricky said is all true.  A old, or weak battery might cause this as well..  Do all tapes refuse to play or just one?  If you have an external power supply, I'd try with it.  Less than $20 on Amazon, but keep in mind that it won't solve a hardware problem or issue with a individual cassette.


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I have 7 tapes and none seems to play.  I've been trying with the camcorder plugged into a power source with the power cord, since the batteries have been dead for many years. I tried with battery in and camcorder plugged in, still same response.  I did watch one tape about about a week ago and it seemed to work, now it doesn't.  everything else on the camcorder seems to be working, like setting date and time etc. Any other suggestions? or do I need to take it into a camera repair shop to have it looked at?  Hoping to not have to spend a lot on the camcorder just to transfer the tapes since I haven't had a need for it, nor do I anticipate using it much as we just use our iPhones at this point. 

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