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Connecting Canon XH A1 to PC



I am new to the video world and have little knowledge when it comes to computers. I am trying to connect my Canon XH A1 to my HP Pavilion laptop so that I can convert the tapes into an HD card. Is this possible? I have the adobe cloud services to edit and such, but can't figure out how to connect. Any suggestions? Remember, i'm not a techy person.





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Re: Connecting Canon XH A1 to PC

Download the User Manual if you haven't done so as it will be a great help in understanding the features of that camcorder.  Look on page 98 for some of the camcorders video out options.


More than likely your laptop does not have a FireWire port so to connect the camcorder to your laptop you will need a video capture device.  One example is the Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle.  




The ADS Pyro AV Link has connections for FireWire (DV), composite (yellow, white, red) and component (red, blue, green) inputs.  




If you can't find one with a FireWire input then the minimum you would like to find that has both composite and component inputs.  


If the video is Standard Definition then either the FireWire or Composite connections will be fine.

if the video is HDV then you should use either the FireWire or Component connection.  If you use the Component connection then you will need to use the red and white composite connections (for audio) from the camcorder as the component connection only carries a video signal.


It's really not as complex as it sounds.  With the right capture device you should be able to easily capture the tapes to a computer and then convert them into any format you desire and store them on whatever medium you like.


I suggest you look for videos on how to make the connection to the computer via a video capture device as that may make it easier to understand.


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