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Setting static IP address on Canon PIXMA G4210

I've previously owned a PIXMA 722 printer.  Because we have multiple users in my household, I found it necessary to set a static IP address for the printer.   I was (eventually) able to do that from the control panel / menu on the printer.  Recently, I've had to disconnect this printer and it is no longer on my home network.


As a replacement, I've purchased a PIXMA G4210 printer.  Following set up instructions I was able to manually connect to my home WiFi network from the printer control panel / menu.   However, I've only been able to get the router-assigned dynamic IP address.  Multiple attempts to access the printer IP address through the printer control panel simply resets my connection to my home WiFi network as a dynamic IP address.  It doesn't appear to have menu dialogue to set a static IP address (that I recall was present on the PIXMA 722 set up menu).


My PC is running MS Windows 10. This may be a meaningless detail, but I'm not tech savvy, so thought I'd include.

The router is the same one through which the PIXMA 722's static IP address was set, so I don't think it is a router limitation. As noted above, I removed the 722 from my network and the only static IP address resident on the network is my PC. 


I've reviewed this Forum's discussions for setting a static IP address for other model printers, but I've been unsuccessful in applying the suggestions to the G4210 Model.  I've been singularly unsuccessful in finding a fix through an internet search.  


Any suggestions are gratefully appreciated.

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Re: Setting static IP address on Canon PIXMA G4210


A static IP can be set on your printer or your router.  



Often referred to as addess reservation.  Assign an IP address to the devices MAC address.  Router gives this IP to the printer (only the printer).



Set static address in TCP/IP settings manually


Page 165 and 166 in your user manual refered to TCP/IP settings.  This is where you set IP address, subnet mask and gateway.  

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Re: Setting static IP address on Canon PIXMA G4210

@shadowsports  Thank you for taking the time to respond to my request for assistance and sharing your knowledge.  It is very much appreciated.   I will mark it as 'answered' with kudos.


I followed the Owners Manual in setting up my initial WiFi connection successfully.  In trying to set up a static IP address however, I mistakenly followed the same LAN Settings menu branches.  The Owner's Manual pages you cite indeed do address TCP/IP under the heading Common Settings.  I'd totally missed Common Settings, and with only elementary tech skills, even looking at the pages you kindly referred me to, I still did not understand how to access that menu.  Since you told me there was an answer, this afternoon I pursued a trial and error approach to find the right 'path' to set the static IP address.  [Obviously, in retrospect, Common Settings was the place to go.]    Thanks again. 





For anyone else trying to set a static IP address for a Canon PIXMA G4210, following is simplified step-by-step list of the series of menus and selections.


On the printer, below the display screen press the button with the pliers and screwdriver icon and the “Setup Mode” will appear on the display screen.  The display immediately changes to "Setup Menu".


Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate:


► Select Device Settings and press OK 

► Select LAN Settings and press OK

► Select Common settings and press OK

► Select TCP/IP Settings and press OK

► Select IPv4 and press OK

Scrolling message appears “LAN Communication may be disabled. Press [OK] to continue.” Press OK

► Select IP address and press OK

► Select Manual Setup and press OK


Then you have to create an IP address (I used the following settings):


“IP address”:

“Subnet Mask” :

“Default gateway”: 


Then press the “back” button (the counter clockwise circling arrow key) repeatedly to back out to main menu.






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