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Why doesn't the EL-5 flash come in regular shoe & multi- function shoe so it can fit more cameras ?!


I bought a Canon EOS R5 last year and when I saw the EL-5 advertised for the first time I preordered right away. It didn't say anything about its compatibility. I just assumed that with the new line of camera's came a new line of Flashes. After some delay the flash finally showed up and I was thoroughly disappointed because the new flash didn't fit my new camera ! Canon should at least make the EL-5 with regular shoe & have the option of the multi-shoe - if your camera will support it. Deeply disappointed and will now go back to the hit and miss flash of my Canon 600EX-RT with its 4 aa batteries .



Many are waiting to see what's next.  (Pro-flash wise) The EL-1, 600 and 430 are all out of stock.  This is true of many retailers also. I assume there is going to be 1 or more additional flashes made available, but no one knows if or when.  The R5 camp has less options currently.  The EL-5 and ST-E10 are only supported on body's with the MFS.  Currently, the EL-5 is not supported on my R5 C either, but I suspect it will be at some point. 

I'm sure others will chime in on this as its being discussed elsewhere too.  

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This is not good for professional photographers. Just makes want to jump ship after 30 years using canon. The 600 speed lite is discontinued and can’t find it anywhere. Do I have to buy some 3rd party with unknown reliability??? This new hot show is a big problem especially those that have different cameras and need interoperability. It’s a brainfart just like Apple MBP with touchbar. 

I also have this issue.  EL-5 and an R5C because both the community and Canon Sales chat said it would be supported but it's not.   Its gathering dust on my shelf hoping it gets supported.


Yea, this is all definitely a mess.  Sure hoping it's all worked out before the 2nd-gen R5 line is released.

I'm also hoping that Canon comes out with a proper multi battery charger for those flash units.  Currently, I have three Powerex chargers that only occupy 3 outlets of a surge protector plugged in to a single outlet.  So can charge all 24 batteries for six 600 EX units at the same time.  Having to deal with six LP style batteries won't be pretty if each requires its own indivdual battery charger.


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I use rechargeable AA batteries on the 600 speedlites and DO NOT WANT anything else. AA batteries are available everywhere and easy to charge and last a long time. I do not want more proprietary batteries. 


To be fair, there was plenty of advertising about the multifunction hotshoe of the EL-5, and on Canon (USA) site, they listed the compatible cameras. The R5 is not among the new line of cameras, so assuming the new line of flashes would automatically work might not be best move.

You can return the flash still, can't you? Also, the verdict is out whether or not Canon has fixed its wireless issues. Waiting to see if the EL-5 will drop links like has been reported numerous times recently.


This new hot shoe is madness. Totally unnecessary. I’be been dragged screaming to use the R5 in replacement of the 5D4, which I hate due to the excessive battery consumption (R5 slows me down in my work). Now my 600 speedlites are dying and are DISCONTINUED???? The EL-1 is overkill and EL-5 incompatible??? Apparently I need an adapter which makes the whole setup even more cumbersome on a small camera body. 

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