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Why are Canon Speedlites so expensive?


I have a Rebel T3 and a 5D mark 2 and sometime in the very near future I'm going to be an R6 owner, but for my limited lighting needs I've chosen to work with constant light sources or to make do with reflectors or diffusers when I can, which isn't often since I probably take more photos in a nightclub than anyplace else. Just recently I've been given the opportunity to set up an actual studio space for the first time, so I'm finally able to try out some of the things I've never gotten to do before like experiment with better lighting. I'm aware that Canon cameras have their own speedlight triggering functions, but I don't really know why they're ten times the cost of Yongnuo or Neewer? Do the budget guys really need radio triggering systems or is there some other reason to consider Canon's products for that? I guess I'm asking if Canon's triggering setup is REALLY better than a plain old manual flash sync and/or a $25 remote trigger kit.



With Canon's speedlites they can guarantee forward and backward compatibility. With 3rd party products it can be hot or miss. It may or may not work on your new camera but it did on your old one. The same thing goes for lenses too. You don't know how your old 3rd party gear will work on your new camera. At least if it's Canon they will make sure it works.


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Now only if they can figure out why the “Link Drop” is making my 600’s and many, many others so unreliable in the last few months were before they just “Worked”…


Good equipment costs more.  The term you get what you pay for applies.  Canon gear stands up to rigorous use.  You are also guaranteed forward and back ward compatibility as Demetrius pointed out.  

We hear from users every month whose 3rd party equipment failed.  Died, melted, stopped working reliably, etc.  You can buy flashes from the Canon refurbished store at great savings.  

@parker521, It sounds like the EX430III-RT would be great for you.  

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Why is ANY Chinese aftermarket equipment a lot cheaper than a camera maker's own brand stuff? Low Chinese labor costs, no development costs, Chinese undercutting prices because they don't want the profit that OEMs do, on and on.

The knock-offs though, don't give the same absolute compatibility guarantee that the camera maker does with their own products. And material and build quality is commonly less. And lacking features the OEM product has.

So, you "pays your money and you make your choice", as the old saying goes.