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Speedlite 430EX II Compatibility with DSLR


Does anyone know if I can connect a speed light to a canon markiii? I have both but I can’t connect the light to the camera with a speed light off the camera. Please help 



Hi there! 

We have several cameras with a mark iii option, can you please be more specific? 


Also would be helpful to understand how you want to control that flash.  You mention "off the camera", so if the 430 EX II is off camera, it would need to be controlled either optically (a second flash mounted on your camera), or via a sync cable.  The Mark II version of the 430 EX lacks radio control like the Mark III version does.  So with a Mark III version, you'd have additional options in controlling it.


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Any update?

Update to what? There was not enough question there. If you have a specific issue, ask away.


@RaymondSchwage wrote:

Any update?


The OP never replied with the model of this camera.  It seems the thread was abandoned.

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You can successfully use your Canon flashgun with your Canon camera by connecting the two together either:-

1.) physically attach the flashgun directly onto the hot-shoe mount of your camera. OR, you can…

2.) connect a compatible remote Trigger directly onto your camera hot-shoe mount AND then connect the respective Receiver to your flashgun. This allows for Off-Camera Flash - OCF. Freedom of light positioning for artistic and creative effects. (You are now not limited to using a single flashgun, buy additional flashguns with additional receivers and take your photographic journey to a whole new level.

Note1: How - confirm your camera Flash sync speed and ensure your flashgun and camera settings reflect the same.

Note2:- if your Canon flashgun supports the “Master/Slave” feature, you can have one flashgun mounted and another set OCF positioned as/where you want!


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You forgot to mention an extension cable.

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