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Picking the right flash for macrophotography (6D Mark II)


I'm a refugee from the inanity of Facebook Canon pages, and coming here for more reasoned and informed advice!

I want to dabble a bit in macrophotography, and my curiosity cannot exceed my budget.  :=).

I got a used,, like new Canon tube extender from mob at a third of retail and am now poking around the used market for the right flash. I want to the ability to do off-camera flash (not shoe or lens ring) and will be shooting manual mode for both exposure and focus. That said, I like the idea of a wireless flash so I'm not wrangling with a cord. Ergo:

1. Does the 6D Mark II have the ability to trigger via bluetooth a remote (wireless) flash?

2. Since I'm not planning on using Canon's TTL systems, is there a decent flash for macro other than those by Canon? 

Thanks for any help.  



1. No, you can only trigger a flash with a transmitter in the hot shoe.

(Unlike my T6S which has optical wireless control built in via the pop-up flash)



You have not stated a budget.

Also, macro lighting equipment can get costly really fast.  A robust tripod with a sturdy head might be a better less costly investment.  You can take longer exposures with a tripod, which can eliminate the need to for special lighting.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Well, not much of a budget. I ws hoping to get a used flash for around $50 or so. I am planning on doing field work, not studio. 

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