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EL-1 flash and the ST-E3-RT radio trigger unlinking


I am having an issue with the EL-1 flash and the ST-E3-RT radio trigger unlinking when I am out shooting.  I use the radio trigger to trigger my flash off camera (I usually have it on a flash bracket). 
Since I upgraded to the EL-1 I have noticed that the radio connection drops off suddenly for no reason.  I have tried several different set ups to try and keep this from happening but it keeps happening.  I try and keep an eye on the flash to make sure that it is still connected but sometimes I will shoot five or twenty (or more) images before realizing that that it disengaged and my flash isn't firing.  At that point I have to shut both the flash and the trigger off and on again for it to relink again.  Does anyone else have this issue and better yet does anyone else have a solution?  Thanks.



Hi there. I know a ton of us have experienced these same issues. Have you noticed this happening when you are in a location that is maybe using wi-fi or bluetooth? If I am in venues (specifically that use google fiber [2.4ghz]) my connections will fail often, but not always. I have also noticed other scenarios where if I am by a DJ, or just a large speaker that is using bluetooth and not doing a hard plug in I will also have interference issues. But, if I am out in a field, away from wi-fi, bluetooth, etc. I experience no issues at all. I sent in all my flashes last year and canon said they could not "recreate" the issue and then charged me almost $300. They are not addressing this issue at all and seem to just be turning their head the other way. I wish I could say I had a solution, but unfortunately for me, changing channels, IDs, etc. has not helped. The only thing I can do is have an assistant watch my flashes and let me know if there is interference and we have to turn off all the flashes and my trigger to reconnect them. It is very frustrating, but I would say just try to remember from here on out or have someone help you keep an eye on the flashes and then turn them on and off again. We shouldn't have to be doing this with this nice gear, but here we are...

It happens whenever I am outside of my apartment.  I have a small studio at home and when I have used the flashes indoors it doesn't seem to happen.  When I use it outside at a parade (Mermaid Parade, Pride March, Easter Parade, Halloween Parade all in NYC) it will drop several times.  


Yes, this is an old KNOWN issue. Your gear will only stay linked if you are shooting in some area with NO wifi signals around. Canon has refused to acknowledge or address this issue in any way. You can waste time and money sending your gear to Canon, they will claim they cannot recreate the problem. This has gone on for years