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Re: Weather Photography

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IMG_3851 (2).JPGT5


iso 100


3 sec.

freezing cold

camera shake Smiley Happy

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Re: Weather Photography

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This image was taken from a hiking hut on the shores of Foveaux Strait, separating New Zealand's South Island from Stewart Island (Rakiura),  It was taken about 7:00am on the first sunny day after a couple of stormy ones.


It was taken with a Canon 60D, Canon 15-85mm IS USM EF-S lens, f6.3, 1/125sec, ISO 200, 21mm, hand held.


NZ Rakiura NP Bungaree Bay Sunrise 01 LR.jpg

cheers Trevor

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Re: Weather Photography



This was taken in Bend, OR.

Canon EOS 70D
with tripod
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Re: Weather Photography

We love how the moon ties this whole landscape together. Smart move placing the moon in accordance with the rule of thirds, too.  Great job, KayC!

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Re: Weather Photography

Beeeeautiful shots everyone!


Here is one I shot in Carmel, California in January 2017. Storm rolled in fast and it was so beautiful to watch.


Camera: Canon EOS 5D MARK III

Lens: Canon EF 17-40MM F/4L USM

Aperture: f/22

ISO: 100

Shutter Speed: 1/10 sec

Focal Length: 29mm

Filter: Lee Filters ND .9 SOFT GRAD


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Re: Weather Photography

We get some varied weather here & these can show some of life in a rural area outside a big city. First up is from my front yard when Ice Storm 98 had hit. The "upside down" tree is my flowering crab, which after a lot of trimming recovered but a few years later got split down 1 side in another ice storm. It recovered again but doesn't have an idea shape these days. These are scans of the prints which were shot using a Canon A 1, and the electricity was out for 13 days locally. 






And these are from the worst snow storm I can remember hitting our area. I think it was a total of 34 inches of snow but the wind was nasty & the snow built up into very high snowdrifts that were so heavily packed you could walk on top of many. I walked right up & onto the storage buildings roof so that I could remove some of the weight the roof had to support.








And in the summer it's not uncommon to have thunder storms (some times very violent ones) to roll through the area. This one missed me but another one made up for that later.







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Re: Weather Photography

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This photo was shot after an overcast day.  The clouds finally opened up just before the sun set for the evening.



About this photo:

Camera:  Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Lens:  Canon EF 11-24 f/4L USM

Aperture:  22

ISO:  100

Shutter Speed:  1 SecondCarl Grey Sunset-86.jpg

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Re: Weather Photography

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