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Favorite from portrait work this week?!



Here's my favorite, whats yours? I shoot mostly Portraits for Artists and Musicians. Sometimes live shows and festivals like Lollapalooza but I enjoy stylized portraits the most. They are bold, fun and can have added context, and I like the creative process of deciding lighting and mood that is desired. 


Settings: Canon 7D Mark II - Tamron 10mm Lens - 1/100 f7.1 iso1600 



Not trying to be nosy, but it is a tradition in this forum to post what gear you used, as well as the exposure settings.  This is so that others can learn from your experience.

I think the light source in the top right corner ruins the shot.  Not only is the camera being fooled, which causes the subject to be under exposed, but the light source seems to demonstrate that your lens filter, or front element may need cleaning.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I'm new here so I did'nt know about the settings etc etc which is good to know! Thanks for your comments on my photo but I added that. This artist is a rapper. If I was photographing a lawyer or something more casual, I wouldn't have done this. The right side of the face is meant to be in shadow. I can appreciate a creatique but most of it is opinion.