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Annual Johns Hopkins Art & Photography Exhibition to Benefit The Children Hospital


Just got an email from the host of this exhibition,


"Because of the Corona Virus, We're sorry to inform you that this years art & photography exhibition will be canceled till further notice"


Little upset at this response to the Corona Virus thing.. I've spent nearly $500.00 on two prints and now I can't do anything with them. This money could have went for other things.. I'll think twice about subscribing to another even like this in the future.


This couldn't have come at a better time, Seems Michaels finally got around to answering my email about who does their printing. I didn't like how my 2 prints had a blue gray tint to the image and michaels agreed to refund my money. In otherwords, The ehibition was canceled and I'll be surringdering these two prints back to michaels for a full refund.


end of thread..