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Albuqerque Balloon Fiesta 2016

Here are some quick snaps from this year's Fiesta. As you will see, Canon is a big sponsor. We did the 5:00 AM thing in the past, so this year we went for the "Twilight Twinkle Glow" in the afternoon. The balloons don't launch, but they stay tethered and fire their burners.


Here is the poster outside the Canon tent:




They had plenty of fun toys to play with, from a platform with a good view of the field




They also had some stuff to borrow to really try it out. As you can see they were (surprise!) all out of 5DIV's





They also had experts to talk too. (As you will see why, I chatted a bit about photographing fireworks)




The mounted police were out in full force, the "zebra" is one of the launch controllers that supervise the balloons.




Did I mention that there were balloons?












The fireworks started when we got back to the car, so I only had time to "spray and pray" The IS worked very well in P mode. I was pleasantly surprised







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Re: Albuqerque Balloon Fiesta 2016

Looks like you've captured some really amazing photos! Thanks for sharing them with us and coming out to Balloon Fiesta. 

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Re: Albuqerque Balloon Fiesta 2016

Thanks Jennie.


I wish I had a place to put some of my videos to share, It really makes it come alive.


I also need to find out if I can be a red shirt next year! I know a lot about Canon stuff!

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Re: Albuqerque Balloon Fiesta 2016

More balloons from Plano, TX Smiley Happy


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Re: Albuqerque Balloon Fiesta 2016

Heart    Beautiful images.  I really love the shots of the Canon Balloon !!!  Smiley Happy     Great presentation !!!   Smiley Happy

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Re: Albuqerque Balloon Fiesta 2016

Good story-telling images.  The balloons glow in the evening - you exposed them quite well.  Most images of the Albuquerque Balloon fest just show lots of balloons against a blue sky.  That makes the fest look awesome.  Your story makes the fest look fun!  Your fireworks look godd, too.



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