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XF605 4K image quality problem


Hi everyone. Hope this finds you all well. I still am running the XF605 which has been great so far while shooting golf content. However, I still feel that I am not able to receive what the 4K image should look like. I know that I am exposing properly. Shoot outdoors so natural light, either sunny or overcast. F2.8-4.0, fast shutter to produce little to no motion blur, and usually ISO 800 in CLog3. Film has gotten better since the last time I posted to the community, but still can’t get it to resemble that of the YouTube channel “Good Good”. Would love anyone’s input on anything that may just be going over my head that I haven’t done yet. Again, hope you are all well!



Rising Star
Rising Star

Well, I just looked at one of their videos and they are shooting on a phone. I know as I could see its shadow in some of the shots.  Along with the over sharpened image, there are plenty of blown out highlights as well. Might I suggest that you use an aperture of 5.6 and lower your shutter speed to add a touch of motion blur. Most lenses are not as sharp with a wide open aperture as they are when stopped down a touch.

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