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CANON R5C: Issue limit audio saturation with Rhode Mic


Hello comunity!

Since I bought the Canon R5C, I havent been able to use properly my Rhode Mic, as the audio is always with saturation. I use my DJI and it works perfecty, but with the Rhode it seems the 0 level is "lower" (you will undestand with the screenshot of my premiere pro), so i cant never get a good level of soud without saturation.

The first audio is with the Rhode Mic, and the second one is with the DJI. 

Both were recorded with the exact same settings, same room same everything.

Do you know how to fix it?


audioo issue.PNG


Mike sounds very clean and yes you are driving it too hard and it is clipping when your voice is loud.  I recommend either sound proofing of your studio area, e.g. close doors, turn off fans, refrigerator, and or whatever is causing background noise.  Another option is to get a sample of the background noise at the beginning of the video and using something like Isotope RX to diminish the background noise.  Then of course turn down the volume in camera.  


So I made some testing.

Basically I found out that if I put the "rec level" from "Automatic" To "Manua", and lower the level, the sound recorded does not go as high as in automatic.

The thing is I cannot leave it in "automatic", As i got some pitchy sound. As I did on my Canon EOS 77D, I need to lower the Rec Level to 10/15, as recomended by expert to use a external mic. 

But when I do that, I have the lower max level, and the audio will be saturated..

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