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macOS Monterey ProGraf-1000 Pro Magenta Cast


I have a new ProGraf-1000 Pro and it has a strong magenta cast under all conditions:

- Ps CC and Lr CC up to date

- Using Canon and Mateo paper with their ICC profiles

- Screen is calibrated

- 16 bit mode on or off

- Printer managed or Application Managed

- Perceptual or Relative

I have the CUPS driver with rev 24.20 labeled Canon PRO-1000 series 2, even though the driver down load shows the latest as 22.20. I am not sure how it could be off.

Monterey is 12.4

The printer was calibrated during installation. It has never printed without a Magenta cast.

There are lots of suspicion about double profiling, but I have no idea how to prove or disprove this is happening. I would think that in printer managed mode this could not happen.

I'm not getting any streaking or other artifacts.

The cast is prevalent in tans and browns and not as noticeable in greens or whites. It is not subtle, it's very bad.

Are other people having problems or have found solutions? Has anyone just given up and spent the money to profile the printer to make it work?



I tested a color chart, and many colors were off, but the pattern was inconsistent, as if the printer calibration was not applied. I’ll print this one today.