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Pro-100 and Pro-10 prints noticeably better than i9900 prints?


I use a Canon i9900 which I've had since 2005.  I use the i9900 almost exclusively for color landscape printing.  The i9900 still makes fantastic prints and I've never had a problem with it.  I'm thinking of upgrading to either the PIXMA Pro-100 or Pro-10.  Will I notice an improvement over prints from the i9900 with either the Pro-100 or Pro-10?  Also, I've read that besides longevity, pigment inks now produce colors almost as vibrant as dye inks.  Anyone know if this is true?




The Pro-100 uses dye based inks like the i9900, but they are archival compared to the i9900 inks. The Pro-10 uses pigment inks. I personally like dye based inks. Not only are the colors more vibrant with dye based inks, but there are less problems with nozzle clogging. I have a Pro-9500 printer that uses pigment based inks and I have had nothing but problems with it since day one. I also have an i9900 printer for several years, and recently, a Pro-100. I love the print quality I get from the i9900 and it is pretty much a trouble free printer, as you probably already know. At first, I was disappointed with the Pro-100 printer because I could not get the prints from third party papers (ICC Profiles installed) to match my color profiled monitor. I have done a bit of experimenting and since then, I have found a workable solution to get prints from the Pro-100 to match my monitor with third party papers. I now think it's a wonderful/awesome printer. It also seems to be very economical with ink usage. If you decide to get the Pro-100, check out my post regarding color matching with the Pro-100. This solution will probably work with the Pro-10 printer as well as with my Pro-9500 printer. I haven't tried it on the Pro-9500 because its printhead is clogged and I haven't been able to get it unclogged. Hope this was helpful.