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Printing from iPhone results in poorer quality prints than laptop on Pixma Pro-100


I've printed the same image from my laptop versus my iPhone 6 using both Air Print and the Canon Print app.  

The prints sent from my laptop are brighter and great quality.  However, prints sent from the iPhone are darker and poorer quality.  In fact the Air Print is the worst quality.  


I am using the exact same images.  I am also printing via wifi from my laptop.  


Has anyone encountered similar issues where printing from the iPhone results in poorer quality prints?  





I am neither a MAC or iPhone user, but there have been a few threads in the past from users complaining about how images seem to become downgraded when they download from the camera to an iPhone.  Apparently some sort of image compression was taking place, resulting in significantly smaller file sizes and lower resolution. 


Your issue may be related.  Compare the resolution of the images saved in your camera, and compare it to the files that are stored in your iPhone.  If the iPhone files are significantly smaller, then you have found the problem.  Unfortunately, I do not recall the work around people used, but it involved using a different appliation to transfer the files.

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Thanks.  I still cannot figure it out.  The resolution is the same for iPhone, MacBook and PC.  But the prints from the PC are superior.  I see Apple has some limitations including maximum print size of 5x7 via AirPrint, but I've been testing with 4x6.  


I get the same poor quality using 3rd party iPhone apps, so the issue is not limited to AirPrint. Perhaps it is something with Apple's  compression when sending via wi-fi.  I'm also printing via wi-fi for the PC. Unfortunately, I cannot find any online comparisons of print quality from PC versus Apple devices.  


I wanted to easily print 4x6 prints from my iPhone... yet another reason to upgrade to a Samsung phone.