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Imagegraf pro 2000 Printer is a lemon and possibly possesed by demons! Looking for an exorcist.


Tomorrow will be one month that I have had this printer. The data shows the print head was installed on 1-12-19.  First problem was not being able to get past the issue of perfoming the auto print head alignment on genuine 13x19 canon pro gloss paper.  Completely stupid of Canon to not specify that a larger size paper was require to perform this function! Wasted time due to this incompetance. Bottom guide parts were to be replaced due to damage during shipment. Authorized canon repair services have been out a total of five times since. The issue now is getting cut sheets to load.  There have been now three visits and several parts changed. A new PCB installed last week and the latest part was a sensor. Still the problem has not been resolved. I can't perform the update to the version of the firmware.  No update proceedure shows under Device Settings. Tried an update with the update tool and the lap top connected via usb.  Still there is no progress and told this moring to wait for the service tech to arrive. This will be the last visit for Canon, if the problem is not resolved then I have no other choice but to return the printer.  This machine is cursed! I have never had so many issues with a new product that can't seem to be resolved.