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How long is ink good for in the ipf-5000?


I have an ipf-5000 that I use to print my fine art prints.  I am finding that I will use it for a time (several weeks or a month or more) then I do not use it for several months.  I have turned it off and I am wondering if the ink will still be good when I go to use it again?  (Darn ink is a lot of $$)


One day I want to replace the whole printer with a new ipf-6000 seriers printer.  Wondering if I buy more ink that the future customer might be interested in the ink.  (Darn ink is a lot of $$)


Thanks for any sugestions.



Does anyone have any info on this?



I use my 6350 in a similar fashion. I leave it on (it goes to hibernate mode). It periodically stirs the inks cartridges automatically. I also try to print a very small image every week or so on plain paper to keep the nozzles working. This has worked for me. My previous ipf had a problem with ink going bad when I turned it off and let it set for weeks/months at a time. It is an industrial machine and needs to be used.


I am not sure if this is applicable to the 5000 series but it might be worth a try.