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ImagePROGRAF iPF825 Black Streaks


I've seen a post or two mentioning similar problems but I didn't see any resolutions. I'm getting streaks. I do know they are coming from the matte black. It's not something stuck under the printhead. On prints it's only outside the print area, never in the print area. In the attached photo you can see the print behind the nozzle check sheets, the printing tapers in from one edge and the distance from the image to the streaking consistently follows. If I print the full width of the paper no streaks at all will be on the paper. The printer is still spraying out ink when it shouldn't but it's missing the paper, there will be a small deposit of ink a half inch or so past where the paper is. 

I can still use the machine for now, if I need to I can add a super light gray border on the edges and it keeps the streaks off the sheet, but I'd like to figure out a fix, I know this machine is older but it otherwise is a good printer for me.




Hopefully someone will have experienced something similar and resolved it. Just by observation my best guess is that when the paper feed motor is advancing it is squirting some ink. Can this be a bad printhead or likely something else in the wiring or main board?