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Unable to connect Pro-10 via wireless after change of router


Running on MacOS big sur. I just changed my router from a Ubiquiti setup to Google Mesh. Frankly, it's been a pain overall, but this is one problem I have not been able to solve. My Pro-10, which was working fine before, is no longer visible in my network.


When I swapped out the router, the new one was set at the same IP as the old one and broadcasts the same SSID. The Canon IJ NW utility does not see my printer at all. I connected via USB  and was able to communicate with the printer. I verified that the IP, SSID, and network password were all correct. I disconnected the USB and the NW utility now cannot see it anymore.


I have used other network utilities and can't see anything on my network which can be identified as my Pro-10, although since I can't find the MAC address for this printer I can't be sure as there are a couple of unidentified devices out there.





Does the Pro-10 require WPS to connect to my router? I just learned my router does not support WPS for security reasons.

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