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Pixma mg 6200 not discovered on wireless


Hi and thanks for any help,



 Printer:   Pixma MG6200

 Router:   Linksys ea 6700

 OS: Windows 7


2+ year owner of this printer and I have had to reinstall on numerous occassions in past with no problems.


Now, I can not print via wireless.  Windows stated that it is off line via the windows diagnostic trouble shoot.  So I uninstalled and reinstalled via USB.  I utilized the WPS router feature to connect printer to router with no apparent difficulty.  However, when I go to complete the installation the printer is not discovered.  I double checked that network discovery is enabled. I can use printer via wired.


The network configuration page is as follows:


(Wireless Lan: Enable)

Link Status :  Active

MAC address             : 2C:9E:FC:19:B9:7D

SSID                           : Linksys 11358

Connection Mode       : Infrastructure

Channel                      : 5

Encryption                  : AES

WEP Key Length       : Inactive

Authentication            :  WPA2-PSK

Signal Strength          : 100%

TCP/IP Version          : IPv4

IP Address                 :

Default Gateway        :

Subnet Mask              :

Subnet Prefix             :

IPsec                          :

Security Protocol        :


Wired (LAN)               : Disable

 Link Status                : Inactive

 Mac Address             : 2C:9E:FC:07:FE:1E

 TCP/IP Version          : IPv4

 IP address                 :

 Default Gateway        :

 Subnet Mask              :

 Subnet Prefix Length :

 IPSec                         :

 Security Protocol       :


(Other Settings)

 Printer Name                 : 19B97D000000

 Shared Memory Card    : Enable

 WSD                              : Enable

 WSD Timeout                : 1 (min)

 LPR Protocol                 : Enable

 Bonjour                           : Enable

 Bonjour Service Name   : Canon MG6200 series

 DNS server                     : Auto

 Primary server                :

 Secondary server           :

 Proxy server                   : Disable

 Proxy Port                       :

 Proxy Address:

 IP Address Filtering        : Disable



Any help will be greatly appreciated.




We had a 2hour power outage yesterday. Today one of our 3 computers would not print, though connecting to the internet OK. Just as your own diagnosis, so was ours.


We tried many of the solutions here, but the really only simple way was to delete the Mx6250 printer from the Acer Ferrari 1 and re-install the drivers from Canon. 

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