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Pixma MX452 not giving option to enter Wifi password


I recently changed my wireless router and have been trying to connect my device to the new router. The issue is that when I select the access point it automatically tries to connect without giving me the option to enter the new wifi password.

Obviously without the password it's unable to connect and despite trying multiple troubleshooting steps it never provides that option. I had no issues with connecting this printer to wifi in the past and previously it allowed me to enter my wifi password so I'm not sure why it no longer does so.

Any help would be appreciated I've tried to contact Cannon, but the automated service gives me the run around I've never been able to connect with an actual person. 



You'll find help for re-establishing your wireless connection here: 

If those options don't work, let us know!

This something I previously tried and it did not work. I tried them again, but the instructions don't seem to match what I have available on my printer. The only option I have under other setup is "Manual Setup". It also appears these instructions are for a newer device, mine does not have a touchscreen.

After going through the steps I received the error message "Failed to perform cableless setup. Suspend the process and select other method by following the instructions on the screens."


You're not wrong. The site redirects to the wrong model. 😔

I'll get a tech to see if they can find specific instructions for that one. Sorry! 

Not a problem and thank you for looking into this I appreciate it. I look forward to your response!

Any update on this?

Following up on this again as I haven't seen any response in almost 2 weeks. Any update on this?


Hi Folks, I am facing the same issue with my MX452. I can select my access point; however, it does not give me the option of entering a password. Can we get some help on this? 



You need to re-run the software set up.  This will allow you choose and new SSID and/or change the saved network password.

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Thanks for that. I assume that would require a physical connection from the computer to the printer?