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PIXMA iX6820 unable to connect to macOS 14 Sonoma


I just bought the ix6820 cannon printer and it doesnt seem to connect to my mac ios 14 sonoma it wont give me the option to dowload the right driver. Any one had any luck getting it to wirelessly connect/download? should I go buy a cord to try and get it to connect?


I was able to get it to work. Holding the Resume/Cancel button until the Power light flashes 6 times printed my Network Configuration Page/LAN settings. The very last line on the document was my Default Password. Then, while connected to USB, I configured the wireless connection and used that password to unlock the printer, so to speak. Now it is on the network!

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Luckily for me, that part wasn't an issue. The .dmg went right to my downloads folder and when I double-clicked that, it opened a setup application that installed the necessary software. The only part that wanted to give me grief was the internet connection. 
Just figured I'd share my solution in case another sad soul like me was frantically googling for some random fix to try haha

This was extremely helpful, thank you!! For others having the same issues, I figured I'd post my experience as the set up process is absolutely archaic. Oliver's steps got me as far as USB connection, but I was still having issues being completely wireless on MAC OS Sonoma 14.4.1

For context, I bought the printer pre-owned, so my Network Configuration Page had the previous owners internet connection. I also didn't have a "Default password" but found the Network Configuration Page > Wireless LAN > WPS PIN CODE was the passcode I needed to change my Network. This worked successfully, because when I reprinted the sheet, it had my internet connection.

I returned to CANON_IJ download and went back thru the Set Up > Change Connection Method (Change the connection method between the printer and computer from USB to LAN or from LAN to USB) > Network Connection.

This next part is key if your "Wireless connection access point" is still not connecting. Instead, you'll have the option to do "Wired connection" via ethernet cable. Once you set this up, you're half way wireless. 

Repeat the set up 1 more time, but instead click "Wireless connection" one last time. It will still give you an error message at the end, but the installer will suddenly pop up and register the printer! 

I think the 3 steps combined help the printer to slowly recognize your computer & WiFi a bit more each time. From there, we were able to add our other MacAir and iPhones with ease without every connecting a cord, and the printer doesn't need to stay connected to ethernet. Good luck! 

I followed your way to do, print network configuration. the page has 3 parts (1.wireless LAN 

2. Wired LAN  3. Other Setting) Very last line is (IP Address Filtering   Disable). I Could not  find Default Password.

Ah, sorry it didn't work for you. My searching for a solution showed me that it seems everyone's problem with getting this printer connected is slightly different, unfortunately. Wish I knew more to help out. So weird of Canon to know this is an issue, and still keep selling the printer as-is without any more user-friendly software update.

Thanks a lot ,you try to help me solving this problem. Is any way we can contact canon?

I phoned the customer service and got a very nice associate, but her help only got me a third of the way to my final solution. Might be worth a shot though! Can't hurt...

Hi Arthur: Seems no luck for me. I put ADMIN and my printer's serial number(AFXU15802) in, poppers out WRON password.

You might have the same problem I did. I also read that the password is often "canon" but neither that, nor the serial number worked for me. Some of these printers apparently ship with a randomly generated password to the printer which is why my installation was so challenging. If "canon" and serial number don't work for you, it might be worth trying my solution I posted. Good luck.


My connection required me to use the USB to initially get everything set up. Otherwise it never would have connected. It still wasn't easy, but the wired connection eventually let me set things up for the wiresess. It's mind-boggling that this printer's wireless connection setup should be so challenging. Good luck.


Hi Twellard

I just got it work today. Don't waste your time, just call Canon customer service at 1-800-652-2666,they will guide you one step at the time.  15-20 minutes get it work.

Good Luck

Tom Sheng

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