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PIXMA MX410 Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi


I'm having problems connecting my Canon MX410 wireless printer, the wifi light is off. I have reset the printer to factory setting and it's not finding my internet. When i attempt to setup LAN settings WLAN active/inactive it bring bak to this settings. I have turned it off unplugged it and nothing. 

Thanks Towanda


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi childress1,


To connect your PIXMA MX410 to your wireless network, follow these steps:


 1.  Turn your PIXMA MX410 on.


 2.  Press the MENU button repeatedly until Device Settings appears.


 3.  Press OK


 4.  Use the right arrow to select LAN settings and press OK.


 5.  Press OK on the WLAN active/inactive screen.


 6.  Select Wireless LAN active and press OK.


 7.  Press OK on the Wireless LAN setup screen.


 8.  Select Easy setup and press OK.


 9.  Select your wireless network's name and press OK.


10.  If your access point has a passphrase (Wi-Fi password), a prompt will appear to enter in the passphrase.  To enter in the passphrase, use the numeric keypad to the right of the display.  If entering in a letter, press a number on the keypad a number of times to enter in a specific letter.  For example, to enter the letter c you must press the number 2 on the keypad three times.  Also, to enter symbols, press the Symbols (#) key until the desired symbol is displayed.


At first, your PIXMA MX410 will assume that you are entering in lower case letters.  To toggle between lower case letters, upper case letters and numbers, press the Tone (*)  key.  Each time the key is pressed, the printer will display a different character in the upper right corner of the LCD screen.


If a mistake has been made, press the Left arrow to move the cursor underneath the character to be deleted.  Then, press the Back button to delete the character.  Enter in the correct character as needed.  Press the Right arrow to move the cursor to the end of the passphrase.  Continue entering in the passphrase.


11.  Once the password has been entered, press OK.


12.  Your PIXMA MX410 will attempt to connect.  Press OK on the Connected screen.


Your PIXMA MX410 is now connected to your wireless network.







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I followed your instructions, which reminded me of how I did this before. Unfortunately, I did not receive a prompt near the end to enter my passphrase, so I could not connnect. Any advice?

Did not work. Printer still "offline."



did not connect


Solution did not work?

Pressing "Menu" button does nothing?