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Network trouble with Canon IP8720; using shared printer on a Mac

I bought a Canon Pixma IP8720 last year, and I could never get it to properly connect to my wireless network. It can join with the SSID and password, but is never designated an IP address no matter what I do. So, to get around that, I connected a Windows 10 laptop to it via USB and shared the printer over the network. I primarily use a MacBook and print wirelessly via this setup. Everything was working great until a few days ago.

I’m not sure why it happened, but I lost the ability to print wirelessly from the Mac when I accidentally turned off the printer while it was printing something. When I turned it back on, I started getting an error 306 on my Mac, signifying a communication error. I removed the printer from my Mac and re-added it, but still got the same error.

I’ve run the gamut on things trying to get it working again. I restarted everything. I reset all of my print settings on the Mac. I removed and re-installed the printer and the drivers on the Windows laptop. I’ve checked security settings. I’ve made sure both operating systems were completely up to date. I’ve attempted to figure out why I can’t connect the printer to my network directly in the first place. Absolutely nothing is working. The saving grace is that I can still use it when I plug it directly into my Mac with a USB cable. That’s an okay workaround for now, but a tremendous pain compared to being able to print wirelessly from anywhere in my house.

Has anyone ever had this problem? Has anyone ever FIXED this problem? I’m desperate to find a solution! Let me know if there’s any other info I can give that might help!