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Is it possible to disable ipv6 on the Canon IP8720 without a valid ip4 address?


Is it possible to disable ipv6 on the Canon IP8720 if the printer does not have a valid ipv4 address assigned to it?


My IP8720 printer can connect to my network, but is not assigned an IP address. I spent a few hours trying to figure out what was wrong, before stumbling upon some information from Canon: an article titled, "Troubleshoot printer not detected issue by disabling iPv6 in network LAN settings." It went on to describe how disabling ipv6 can fix issues with printers that have joined a wireless network, but were not assigned an IP address. Unfortunately, this article only applied to printers with an LCD screen. I found some info on disabling ipv6 on the IP8700 series, but according to the article, it can only be done if the printer already has a valid ipv4 address to connect to. That really doesn't help me since I have no way to connect to the printer in the first place. 


Does anyone know if I can do anything at this point to get this printer working wirelessly?