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Image Garden scans gone


I've had my Pixma printer for some time and have scanned a lot of photos and documents.  Always before when I scanned something it went into the Image Garden and all the other things I had scanned showed up there, too.  Yesterday I opened Image Garden and they were all gone.  I did a scan, and that showed up but all the other stuff was gone.  Where did it go, and how do I get it back?



Hi Miatabill

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I have a Pixma MX472 that I've had for some time.  Works fine, but all of a sudden the stuff that I scanned in the past just isn't there.  I scanned a couple of new things and they show up in IG.  In the past when I did a scan everything I had scanned, but not deleted, would show up.  Now they're gone.

No one knows where they went?  

Hi, miatabill!

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The My Image Garden program does not store images.  It simply accesses the files that are in the default save location.  By default, scans are saved in the Pictures folder on your computer.  Check the actual Pictures folder to see if the old files are contained there.


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Thanks. I looked in the pictures folder and they aren't there. I guess they're gone.


I'm scanning off a Canon printer using Image Garden, Windows 10, and yeah for sure, makes one angry when you can't save a file where you want on your own computer.  BUT....I found out via Trial and error....for my scanned images and scan to PDFs...this works for me to save them to where I can find them.  I open Windows Explorer, make a folder where I want to put my files, open that folder.  Then I grab my scan with the mouse from the Image Garden, and just drag it over to my new folder in Windows Explorer, and there is my file, easy to find!  I hope that works for you too!

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