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my Powershot A630 won't focus correctly


My old but great Powershot A630 will take great macro shots but when I try to for any other type of shot, landscape, architecture, etc, it won't focus. I get the focus beep, but all the shots turn out fuzzy. Is there some fix for this condition. I know it is an old camera, but it has not been used to death by any means.


I still have this camera, sadly the outer shutters failed and I had to remove them. Before I stopped using it, long before the shutter issue it had trouble focusing, I read about the lens getting dirty inside which caused it to focus wrong. I used gentle blasts from compressed air and it fix it, combine the air with gentle minute rotation of the lens, carefully it only moves maybe a millimeter either direction.
The repair manual or youtube will show how to remove the front but I do t recommend, the trigger and zoom lever is nearly impossible to put back. Good luck if you still need it
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