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SX70 ! ....

Rising Star

.... and it’s 4k..... too excited. You do the searches.


OK, here yah goes:



I missed that part Grazie! lol Other Canon dealers should have them I cannot believe Canon discontinued those already?

Hi, John!

We wanted to jump in here with a clarification. When our site lists an item as "on back order," it means that item is still in production but that we're temporarily sold out. We're still accepting orders for it, however, and as soon as new inventory arrives, our order backlog will be filled immediately.

Items that have gone out of production and which have sold out will usually be listed as "out of stock" instead.

We hope this helps!

Thank you Danny yes it does help!

Hi Danny, I’m not finding this in the UK?


Another known source is John Lewis  “no longer available online”.  And a UK wide camera shop doesn’t even have it noted. I suspect the US is going to be the only means of supply. Here’s Good ole B&H







nods head at B&H !

@John_ wrote:

nods head at B&H !

And now, one month later, at the B&H site:


SX 60 Discontinued.png


And here's that Link.


I too a not impressed with the sx70. The lack of flash shoe is a deal breaker. I have a sx60 and the New sx70 does not have anything I am inertested in. 4k Hmm... Same 65x zoom. I'm glade I bought the 60x.

Not sure why or how Canon dropped the ball on this model unless they think we are all Canon Zombies and will flock to whatever they crank out. I am happy with my SX50 and this 70 makes me sleepy


I've noted some differences in the SX70, compared to the SX60, in photo and video recording. The bit-rate for 1920 X 1080 60p video has risen from 35 Mbps to 60 Mbps (120 Mbps for 4K video). There is no superfine photo encoding on the SX70, just normal and fine.