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PowerShot G7X Mark III photos not showing up on the app


Hi there,

My photos have always appeared immediately on the app since I got my camera this past December, and I’ve never had trouble downloading them. Now for some reason, none the photos I’ve been taking will show up on the app past mid afternoon on April 29th. I even took ones later in the day on April 29th that also won’t appear, so it’s like it randomly stopped working after a certain time. I’ve disconnected and reconnected, deleted and redownloaded the app countless times, and they still won’t appear. They appear in the gallery on my camera, just not on the app so I have no way to add them to my phone. The memory card has more than half of its storage left, so I’m really at a loss as to what happened. How can I get the app to start working again?



Thanks for joining the conversation, ava_e_s!

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I’m using an iOS device, the iPhone 13 specifically

Also, I’m using the Canon Camera Connects app