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PS SX740HS - Video Recording Portrait Mode (rotate)


When recording a video on my PS SX740HS, the recording does not auto-rotate the frame when recording the video (if I change from landscape to portrait) - - so that when I watch the video on playback, it is sideways.   


I have read the manual - searched online - and I am unable to locate a setting or feature that rotates the video recording from landscape to potrait, when I tilt the camera.    Still images are fine (auto-rotate is on in the settings, and when I rotate the camera for still images, the resulting file is fine)......just videos.


Is there a way to record video in Potrait mode - - or must all videos be recorded in Landscape mode?


Thank you.



Hello ... Were you able to figure this out? I'm trying to rotate my video to landscape, as well. (SX740HS)

I don't think landscape or portrait modes are actually defined when it comes to video formats.  All video formats are pretty much fixed at landscape modes.  I suppose you could rotate the image, but the result will probably have a rather severe crop on the outside edges.  Expect the right and left edges to look like big black boxes.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

My video was shot vertically and it appears sideway on the playback and also when downloaded onto my computer. Any suggestions on how to get it upright? It's a wedding ceremony so I'm heartbroken.

It is easy to do in post processing on your computer if your video software supports that function.  If not, the free version of Da Vinci Resolve can do it.  Here is a link to a Youtube video showing how quick and easy it is to rotate back and forth between portrait and landscape modes (in this example they start with a video in portrait mode and rotate it to landscape, but the process is the same if you start with landscape and want to change to portrait).