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G7x Mark iii Hdmi Streaming


I want to livestream via hdmi out. OBS shows black screen. Is there a way to get live video into streaming?




We understand you wish to live stream with the PowerShot G7X Mark III via HDMI.  There is no software or direct functions on the camera that supports live streaming function via HDMI.  We regret any inconvenience that this may cause you at this time. 

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This is the Mark III. It is my understanding that we can livestream via wifi. Can we not livestream via hdmi?



Hey bud! They just released a Beta software that allows you to use the G7X III as webcam on PC via USB C.


To stream via HDMI you need capture card, like el gato products.


Good luck!



Hi, that's a great news. Would you mind specified with update it is? There are so many updates on the list. Really appreicated! 

Thanks so much for this!


Hi, so earlier in the thread, someone pointed out using an elgato capture card. I have one, HD 60S and I keep losing signal every 3 minutes. Does anyone know of a way to keep te camera charging and HDMI out continuos? Thank you guys.

Have you isolated where the issue is?
Whether the problem is with the El gato hardware/software, the streaming software (obs or twitch), the cables, the camera, or even the internet bandwidth?

To charge the camera I would suggest a power block with USB C plug, and USB C to USB C cable.

If your PC has a motherboard with a USB C plug with "PD" (Power delivery) then your PC may be able to charge the camera too! I was not so lucky, my USB C plug does not have PD :(. I had to purchase the power block

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