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Override Ink Cartridge Level To Replace Ink Cartridge


I have a Canon Maxify MB2720 printer and one of the ink cartridges is out of ink but the printer only shows a question mark on the LED screen so it won't let me change it out.  Is there a way to manually change the cartridge out?  Thanks!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi pianodwo,

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Hi Pianodwo I had the same problem on my mb2050. The method I used to change ink cartridge as follows. Start to print a test page just after it starts to print switch it off at the mains, you can then move the print cartridge by hand. Step 2 keep it unplugged and open the door to the print cartridge and look inside to the far left you may need a torch to locate a large cog wheel turn the wheel clockwise until it clicks then move the print  cartridge to the position where you normally change it. You will be able to now change it. Make sure while you are doing all this the machine is unplugged.

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