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I was having trouble getting my MF4150 to scan after upgrading to Windows 10. It kept saying the printer wasn't connected. I updated the 8.7 drivers from properties - compatibility.  I also saw this MF4150 firmware update. I ran it but still no luck. I then uninstalled MF Toolbox  4.9 and reinstalled the application. Things seemed to work ok once it reinstalled and I rebooted the PC. I scanned my document and it worked as before after resetting the save parameters.. It ran a lot slower and the pdf document was in the Megabytes rather than Kilobytes using my old settings. I turned off my maching last night and this morning I am back to the same original problem. "Not connected!"  What is going on with the Canon MF4150. I see a lot of people are reporting problems but there still is no Windows 10 drivers and no real fix to this malaise.

Now I can't uninstall the MF Toolbox 4.9.  It just hangs up. 


Do I just wipe out everything Canon and try start a fresh install again?

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