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Canon MF751Cdw limited scan extent (8.27 x 11 in.)


I have just purchased the Canon #MF751Cdw and have started using it to scan documents. I have a US letter (8.5 x 11 inch - it fits the denoted limit marks on the flatbed scanner bed perfectly, a true 8.5x11 document) paper that I am trying to scan, and no matter whether I use the doc feeder or flatbed scan options, I am missing 0.25 inches in width off the document. The same issue occurs if I try to copy the document using both flatbed and doc feeder options again. Is there a setting that I cannot find to resolve this, or is it a software bug that requires a firmware update

Edit: Canon noted this issue and sent a replacement unit. And the same thing is happening. I tested the second unit with the shipped firmware version thoroughly, which still truncates the width at 8.27 inches (not 8.5 as per the US Letter spec), and have now reproduced the original problem after updating the second unit to the same latest firmware version as the first faulty unit.

Does anyone know how to engage meaningfully with the Canon firmware dev folks?


Edit2: I have raised this issue through Canon tech support, and received a case id (which has been obscured in a comment below). The case was raised on 25th January 2024, however, as yet no resolution is in place, even though new firmware (incrementing "Main Controller" version 02.06 to 03.09) was released on the 2nd February 2024.

When should I expect Canon to engage on this issue? It would be great to close out this discussion with a resolution, presumably tied to a new firmware release.



You need to confirm whether the paper size selected for scanning or copying is letter size

It feels like you chose the A4 paper size

Copy Operations - Canon - imageCLASS MF753Cdw / MF751Cdw - User's Guide (Product Manual)

Scanning - Canon - imageCLASS MF753Cdw / MF751Cdw - User's Guide (Product Manual)

I’ve selected 8.5 x 11 inch, and maximum extent, either way it truncates the width at 8.27 inches, missing the edge of the text


I've been interacting with the developers of the Vuescan software on this issue, and they've indicated there is likely a WIA driver issue causing truncation of the flatbed scan window.

What is the best way to engage with Canon devs to log this issue and provide diagnostic info so a fixed firmware version can be released?


I just noted that an updated firmware v3.09 landed today (here). Is there someone from Canon that can answer the question whether this Canon WIA driver issue, which limits scan width at 8.27" (rather than 8.5") for the imageCLASS MF751Cdw model is fixed in this new firmware? I believe the internal Canon Case #30xxxxxxxxx identifies the report of this issue

[Removed case id per Community Guidelines]

@SamanthaW, can you provide some context when this issue will be solved? I just checked, the firmware updates the "Main Controller" version from 02.06 to 03.09, however, this doesn't solve the truncated scan width. So when should I expect a software update to resolve this ongoing issue?

I am not a technician so I do not have that kind of information unfortunately. 

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Trying to work around this standing software issue, I just connected the same printer using a wired network connection. When I did this, I was able to scan using the full flatbed extent (8.53 x 11.7 inches)!

So this is suggestive that wireless connection, and the wireless (WIA?) driver is the issue. So what are the chances that Canon will engage and fix with a new firmware release, I do hope they're listening