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Community Manager

Canon Tech Tips with Rudy Winston: Electronic Shutter Mode


Many mirrorless cameras offer a way to shoot still pictures silently and completely unobtrusively — Electronic Shutter operation. In this short video, we look at some of the benefits, explain how to access this shutter mode, as well as advise when other shutter modes may be your best choice. You may be surprised to learn some of the situations where Electronic Shutter may actually contribute to better, sharper pictures!


Canon Tech Tips with Rudy Winston: Selecting Shutter Modes

Among the wealth of features on modern mirrorless cameras are a choice of shutter operation modes. Which one to select? And why? This Canon Tech Tips video gives you a quick and insightful run-down of your options.


Steady, shake-free video is one of the quickest ways to elevate the look and quality of your content. But the options for Image Stabilization in modern mirrorless cameras may seem confusing. Canon’s Movie Digital IS may be the answer, especially if you move while holding the camera. This Tech Tips video takes a quick but insightful look inside Movie Digital IS, and why you may want to begin using it when you record video imagery.