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converting Raw to Jpeg (jpg) in DPP, resize to get posted on this site

Rising Star

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to post a few photos I took this summer.  I have converted them to jpeg 300 in the box (as Cannon moderator told me to) and it's still too big for cannon to accept.  They told me "just make it smaller"  okay, i would love to do that in cannons Digital Photo Professional under the Batch processing.  Okay I did all that and it still will not accept it, converted from raw to jpeg and sent to google cloud storage.  I go to retrieve them, saved in jpeg format, and site says they are still too big.  HELP?  Do I need to dial down the number from 300 to 200?  they said 300  would work but it doesn't.  I just thought you guys could give me some feedback on my  but if I can't get a picute up, it wont do any good.  Everyone says to shoot in Raw, but at the moment I dont see the advantage if you can't send them anywhere because they're too big.

Please somebody tell me what I need to do on this big computer to get it right?Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Wow, some really nice pictures this summer by everyone!  thanks, liz


@fatcat wrote:

nevermind I found it, think I'll give it a try thanks

It is a free application.  The authors ask for a donation, but you should not have to pay for the download.  Another freeware is called GIMP, which is nearly as complex as Photoshop.  Paint dot Net falls halfway between PS and MS Paint.

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ok so I downloaded it, holy mackrel, looks like a college class is in order to learn how to use it.  The tutorials send me to a forum like this that just discusses issues and iindividudal projects.  I will need to spend some time on this one, I appreciate the tip. Hope I can get my analog brain around in this digital world, succesfully.  Looks like a pretty good program from what I can figure out.  Thanks again L.

"yep, that's it, cannon said 300dpi would be the right size to fit on their site."


This was your first mistake.  There is no dpi in a jpg for screen use.  This is a printer spec. I hope that is plain to understand? I don't have a clue as to why a Canon rep would tell you that.

If you specify a size in the 'widht x height' area it will make the jpe smaller.  Try putting 1000 in the width and lock aspect.  Check your file size now.  Isn't it smaller? Yes, OK, u/l at your will.


The Image Quality controls how much compression the jpg will get.  The more compression the lower quality.



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Biggs,Got it!  Now that makes sense to this old bird!  lol  Not sure why I was told that by Cannon either because it didn't work anyway.  I'm looking into Correll Prox8 program, it's on sale and it has really great instructions and tutorials,  Not finding very user friendly for noobs like me.  Instructions are not real clear to me in the help section either.  I think Cannon needs to work on their DPP editing program and make it more user friendly and OBVIOUS on the size you want to export to "thier" own site thats just how ai feel about it.  I will try your suggestion, thanks



Oops, you're right.  I'm getting it mixed up with Lightroom.  Before LR, I did use this screen to control the size of the output.  But, lowering the image quality is pretty much what LR does when you specify a maximum size.


From the filename, I can tell this file is the 535th image that I shot one 06-24-2016 with a certain camera.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

yep, that's it, cannon said 300dpi would be the right size to fit on their site. Why do they make it so difficult to figure out what should be a very simple thing. They didn't mention picture quality, pixels, height, width...just dpi 300 is what they told me to change, which obviously is wrong. Guess I'll have to buy a program that doe it all and doesnt leave you feeling like an idiot because you can't send your photos on the program they provide with your camera. Not very happy with cannon right now and their LACK of helping ppl here. they only comment when someone sends an obvious professional photo that is fabulous, they don't help the new ppl that need it, only the community does that, thank goodness for good people on here. thanks for the info.