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Tips for taking photos of canines/dogs cats etc anyone?


I have been taking photos of pets and do ok for an amatuer but would appreciate any tips (I know clicker training helps a ton to get expression -- ha ha )




Hi carolyn,

We're sure the community will have some tips for you!  To ensure the most accurate information is suggested, please let us know which camera you are shooting with.  Thanks so much, and we look forward to hearing back from you!

I am presently using a canon rebel T2i  but plan to buy a canon 5D mark II now that the new one is out and the cost for one is a less.


1. Patience - you need to work at the pets pace

2. Focus on the eyes

3. Get on their level - lay down on the floor or get on your knees.

4. Go to them, don't make them come to you

5. Avoid flash if you can.  Natural light doesn't spook them


I've found a great time to photograph cats is after they've eaten.  They tend to sit idly, belly full, and often groom themselves.  After grooming, they will often go for a nap.  During that post eating period they're not paying much attention to you or anything else, and it can be a great time to snap some good pictures.

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