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Congratulations, You Ranked Up!


@wobbleman99 Thank you for contributing to the Canon Community & congratulations on ranking up to a Rising Star!

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Cheers Ron!

Bay Area - CA

~R5 C ( ~RF Trinity, ~RF 100 Macro, ~RF 100~400, ~RF 100~500, +RF 1.4x TC, +Canon Control Ring, BG-R10

~DxO PhotoLab Elite ~DaVinci Resolve ~Windows11 Pro ~ImageClass MF644Cdw ~Pixel 8 ~CarePaks Are Worth It

Hi Rick,

I hope that all is well?  Thunder and rain rolling in here in S Florida, and had to curtail filming.  Fortunately it was not mission critical footage, but I was using the S1h, and have relegated the R5c to closet queen for the time being.  I've given up using it with the DJI gimbal, but it would be nice if Canon could resolve the abysmal battery life. The only way the R5c could be used on a gimbal—IMO—is with a PD power bank, since there is no way to change the internal battery while it is mounted to the gimbal.  I do have a power bank that can be used with either the R5c or the S1h but, so far, the S1h's battery has proven to be relatively long lasting for shooting 4k.  My C300 MK III has a V-Mount that keeps it ticking, on average, longer than needed.

Best regards,