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Carepak exclusions concerning the term "business"


Hi Everyone,

I have purchased a Carepak for a mirrorless camera and was about to purchase for a mirrorless lens but the fact that the terms state business use is excluded concerns me as a photographer. The Canon chat person said she "believes" that just refers to bigger businesses. What is everyone's understanding of that? Have photographers had any problems when purchasing for business use?

From the contract:  "Products must be purchased from a Retailer, and be solely intended for personal use, and not intended for Commercial Use or for resale. Commercial Use is defined as any non-residential use; including rental, business, educational and institutional, but not including heavy industrial use. "






I'll try and have a look at this for you later today.  

In the meantime, I would suggest reaching out to the CarePak team directly.



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The plain reading is as you said, "Commercial Use" is pretty clear, that you can't make your living from it.

Just thought to add:

CPS is what is intended for the professional photographer.

Commercial follows along with the statement of copyright, first rights, etc.

I'll be glad when I start making a living from photography. I'm a non-profit...didn't intend it to be that way. j/k Hopefully, this summer will open up some opportunities.

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Ok thanks! I spoke to someone in sales on the chat and she didn't mention talking to the Carepak team. In fact I couldn't find a number for them anywhere on the website so thanks for providing that Shadowsports. When I called regular customer service after posting my question here in the community, he said he didn't know and never heard of anyone asking about that.  He put me on hold to find out but I had to hang up after 10 minutes. I just emailed the Carepak team so I can save their answer. I think maybe there are 2 types of Carepak: Carepak plus and Carepak Pro? I had to search a while to figure that out. But for the RF24 -70 f2.8L, it will only let me choose Carepak plus.

My understanding is that CPS doesn't give any benefit for dropping or some other accident to a lens whereas Carepak does. 

My update: I called the Carepak phone number. She said there is no way to tell us which products can be eligible for Carepak list or $ amount etc which is frustrating. She told me photographers using a product for business are included with just Carepak plus. She said businesses getting coverage like for large printers etc are excluded. 


That is what they say, what really counts is what happens when you make a claim and they determine you were using it for "Commercial Use".