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Can I get Canon Chromalife black ink in bulk, like in 8 oz or 16 oz bottles?


The small cartridges (8 series) are next to useless for the couple of thousand A4 prints I produce per annum.


I've done fade tests and generic 8 series black ink is no good, although it is very good with other colours. Canon might like me buying heaps of small amateur size black cartridges, but they don't suit my workflow or my pocket - are overpriced. So can i get the chromalife ink in bulk bottles from anywhere? Or alternative black ink in 8 or 16 oz bottles that also has equal longevity.


Thank you.



I imagine the giant tanks of the chromalife ink at the Canon factory, great vats of it. I imagine a little tap at the bottom and me tip toeing over and filling up some lovely good sized bottles of it -mm 16 oz's worth, 25 oz's worth..mmm.


I mean, somewhere, somehow the chromalife ink exists in the bulk amounts that I require. But the only way I can get my hands on it is via those tiny plastic ink "tanks" I think they call them - tanks - ha! Vials more accurately.


It is like i need to buy sugar to put in my coffee and the supermarket will only sell it to me by the teaspoon!


It's a farce! Sure, economically the supermarket would LOVE to sell sugar to me by the teaspoon at a vast mark up, but it isn't a reasonable thing to do to a loyal customer.


Come on Canon, I'm a loyal user of your cameras, lenses, printers - and ink.. The amateur size tiny vials of chromalife ink just doesn't work for my professional; practice and I want to re-fill them with genuine ink.. Anyone got any archival ink solutions I can use with my IP6700D's? (5 of them.)