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10sec timer and continuous mode

I have upgraded from a T1i to the 70d and there is one feature that I loved that seems to be missing. When shooting large group photos I loved to use the 10 sec timer in conjunction with the continuous shooting mode. It appears this setting is not possible on the 70d and I don't understand why. Do other people use this feature on their cameras? Anyone know of a trick to get it to work? I don't know if it could be programmed as a custom function.


Hi Bd0!


Thanks for posting.


It is possible to use a 10-second self-timer on the EOS 70D.  To set the camera to use a 10-second self-timer:


  1. Press the DRIVE button.
  2. Turn the MAIN DIAL until the timer icon appears on the LCD.

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Not quite what I am looking for. It is easy to set 10 sec timer but how can I use this with the continuous burst mode.

I don't recall this on my old T1i (not without installing Magic Lantern firmware -- note that's not supported by Canon, use at your own risk, and if you break your camera you get to keep both halves, etc. etc.)


HOWEVER... if you use the "wired" shutter release you can do this.  


If you use a Canon RS-60E3 wired release which plugs into the side of the camera, you'll notice the shutter button on the remote release has a slide-and-lock which will hold the shutter button down continuously.  It's normally used for 'bulb' mode shooting, but also can be used for 'continuous' burst as well.



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da