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M5 Connectivity and Control?

The M5 manual implies that the camera cannot be controlled remotely by EOS Utility (EU). The manual says:

EOS Utility

-- Import images and change camera settings


There is no mention of camera control from a "full" computer. I find that odd, given that the camera is fully controllable via WiFi with iOS. As someone said in another thread, there is an app for Mac OS and iOS called Cascable Transfer that can download photos from the M5 (and many other cameras of varying brands) to the Mac as well as to iOS. It can download RAW files to iOS, which I con't think that Canon Camera Connect can do. Otherwise it doesn't add much to what the Canon app does.


My M5 does everything it should do when connected to iOS on WiFi, but it cannot do anything under DPP/EU. If connected via USB it can download photos.

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Re: M5 Connectivity and Control?

My M5 does not allow wired (tethered) remote control either.  From what I hear no M series camera does.  This is a big disappointment to me, and I wish that I had done a lot more research to find this out before I bought the M5.  I bought the M5 to replace a Rebel T4i which did tethered remote control.  I used the T4i to do focus stacking with Helicon focus for macro work and the M5 can'r be used for focus stacking.  This is a missing function that rarely comes up in other forums and wasn't mentioned in any reviews of the M5 that I could find so knowing about it before purchase would have swayed my decision greatly.  I just assumed that the M5 being a "flagship" product, it would have naturally had this featured.  It has probably been purposely left out to differentiate the M series from the DSLR series.



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