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6D USA model check?



looking to pick up a 6D today and I see the following:


MPN: 8035B009

UPC: 8714574593791


Is this a USA model? thanks!

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Re: 6D USA model check?

A word of caution... when you ask questions on this forum, you are getting answers from other Canon users -- not from Canon employees.  So I'll tell you what I *think*, but my advice may be as worth as much as you paid for it.


When I look up the MPN (MPN = Manufacturer's Part Number), the 8035B009 seems to translate to the Canon 6D "kit" which includes the body and the EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.... as sold in the US.


If I go to any of the known/reputable Canon dealers in the US and search for the Canon 6D with 24-105mm lens, this is the MPN that comes up on all of them.  If I ask for the "body only" edition, I get a different MPN.  


However... if I go outside the US (I went to Amazon UK for example) and did a search for the same 6D with 24-105... I get a different MPN.  


The "8035B0" seems to be the same everywhere I search... but the trailing characters will vary depending on country and with it's a the body only or body with lens kit.


So... I *think* the 8035B009 is the USA version.


If you want to be a bit more comfortable, you should ONLY buy a camera advertised as "new" from an authorized Canon dealer.  Canon's list of dealers can be found here:


Canon updates that regularly (as I post this reply, the version is as of 5/14 of this year (just a bit over 1 week old).  


A camera imported by Canon for sale in North America will have a North America (US & Canada) warranty card and will be clearly labeled.  The serial number of the camera will be pre-printed on that warranty card.  Make sure you see that card in the box and that the serial number of the camera body matches the serial number on that card.  They also put a serial number sticker on the box.


Canon does _not_ shrink-wrap or put seals on the boxes... so it is entirely possible that someone could have opened a box to check it's contents (this is typical of most cameras) so no need to panic if the box isn't sealed, but you should verify that the serial number of the camera inside the box and on the warranty card matches the body.


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Re: 6D USA model check?



Thanks for the in depth response! definitely trying to purchase with caution, but at the same time trying to save from cheaper sources

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