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t7i rebel not being recognized by computer/EOS webcam utility not working


So I've spent about 3 hours today going through every resource possibly available and have been unable to figure out a single solution.

Every time I plug my Canon into my desktop computer (running Windows 11), I either get an error saying that the usb device connected malfunctioned and that the USB device descriptor failed with one cable or literally nothing (no ba-doop sound, nothing showing up on device manager, literally nothing) will happen using the cable that came with the camera

I've tried every single USB port available and all work just fine otherwise, I've reset USB drivers, turned the camera's Wi-Fi off, tried with a fully charged battery and a plug in battery,  uninstalled and reinstalled software, messed around in the device manager's USB settings, pretty much everything I've been able to find on forums and youtube videos I've tried and I'm the only one in the world apparently where those solutions won't work. 

Anyone have any idea? I'm trying to use the EOS Webcam Utility to use my DSLR as a webcam but I can't even get the **bleep** thing to show up on my computer at this point.


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Do you have the EOS Utility 3 running in the background? It will show a EOS icon in the taskbar if it is. Quit that utility if it is running. I have heard that some cloud storage services can also interfere.