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Webcam Utility not working on Sonoma


I purchased an M6 Mark 11 to use as my webcam. However, my Mac was updated to Sonoma, and now it no longer works. This means I spent over $1000 for a useless product, which is so frustrating. It's now been over 3 months. 

I don't want reinstall the last OS, the work around are not working. 

Please, can someone help?  





How are you connecting your M6 mkII to your MAC or environment?  Cable, wirelessly?  Is the camera detected by your OS...  example in Image Capture?

Have you tried removing the device, uninstalling the Webcam Pro software, restarting the system and starting over?  What are the results?

You haven't told us what troubleshooting steps you've performed?

What version of the WebCam Utility Pro are you using?  Version 2.1 was recently released.

Bay Area - CA

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Hi Rick. 

It works on my Mackbook with Monterey but not my Mac mini with Somona.  I'm connected with a cable into the M6 mark 2.  I've downloaded the latest version of Web Utility 2.1.  This happened to a lot of users back in November an Canon said it was due to the web utility not supporting the new Somona OS.