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EOS Webcam Utility pro wont open


I'm having problems with the webcam utility. I used it last week to stream on Twitch with no issues, but today the webcam utility isn't detecting my camera at all. The USB icon with a red X that usually appears when a camera is not connected is notably missing.





So I tried opening EOS Webcam Utility Pro to see if I had to adjust a setting within the program, and it just won't open. Attempting to open it creates multiple processes but it never manages to opens a window. 





The last thing I tried was uninstalling and reinstalling all Canon software on my pc, including drivers, but it still isn't working. I'm frustrated and out of ideas at this point. Any help would be appreciated!





t’s begin with telling us which camera you have.  What brand of computer to you have and which Operating System are you running?  Has your OS been recently updated?

Make sure that you have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions disabled.  Use the supplied cable.  Do not use any USB port adapters.

The motherboard firmware in some computer brands need for you to manually start the EOS Utility 3 the first time you use it.  Think of it as a jump start.

If the OS detects your camera after turn it on and asks you what action should it take, then select “Take No Action.”

Are you running an commercially available off-the-shelf computer?  Or, is your computer a desktop that you have built from a motherboard?

"The right mouse button is your friend."


Camara: relablet100

System: windows 11

system up to date

when camara pluged in it appres on scream as folder, meaning cable is fine



Any updates to this issue? I am faced with it now. Software will not open up. T6i, PC windows 10 64 bit and 8 cores 64gb memory so PC is plenty big enough. cable is good. like I said software wont open when clicking on the desktop icon but creates multiple instances within task manager

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